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Privacy policy       1.1.2019

1. General Information

The Finnish Volleyball Association is an all-purpose, national-and national-registered society. The purpose of the volleyball Federation is to conduct volleyball competition, training of coaches and instructors, referee activities, top sport activities, social and development services, and national team activities, events, circumstance and influence services. 

In order to serve the interests of the volleyball community and the volleyball players, we require that we collect, store and process personal data. This privacy statement contains information about what personal data the volleyball Federation collects, what principles we deal with, and what rights and influence you have regarding your information.

The Volleyball Association will process personal information about you in accordance with this privacy policy and applicable law, so we ask you to read this privacy notice carefully. We will make updates to this privacy statement as our activity develops or changes in the legislation, so we invite you to visit this page periodically. For larger updates we inform both clubs and players.

By participating in our activities, using our services, our website or by contacting us, you agree that we will process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, we are unlikely to be able to serve you and you will not be able to participate in the organisation of the Volleyball Federation.

2. For what purpose are my personal data collected, stored and processed?

We collect, retain, and process personal information about you only for predefined purposes. The main purpose is to manage the personal data of the activities related to volleyball, including:

  • Personal game passports (license), badges, vouchers, training sessions, events, seminars and meetings, registering volunteers for events, referee information, referee layout information, coaching information, rights of representation, disciplinary decisions, match statistics, history statistics, responsibilities of the company, statistical information, national team representations and other comparable matters mentioned above

Personal data is processed for purposes related to the performance, management and development of the Finnish Volleyball Association's customer and player relationship, registration of persons, competition and hobby activities, events (incl. National team events and Power Cup) for the organisation, performance of service and publication, analysis and statistics, research purposes, the transmission of insurance information to the insurance company, the provision of services and the development and invoicing of services. Personal data will also be processed for the purposes required to clarify any complaints and other claims, and for the exercise of disciplinary functions and decisions.  

In addition, personal data will be processed for the purposes of information and news. It is possible to use personal data for the purposes of internal marketing and promotion of the species.  

The data subject shall be processed by the data controller and used for the processing of personal data by the controller and by the contractor or contracting parties acting on behalf of the data controller.  

3. Information to be stored and the categories of persons to be processed

We may store and process the following information: First name, surname, Sport-ID, personal identification number, date of birth, gender, nationality, address, phone number, e-mail, length, weight, registered image, player test results (separately when asked) and information on game passports, badges, free cards, representation rights and match and game statistics related to competitive and hobby activities. 

The individual groups are players, referees, officers and other persons. The information in the register is used in the own services of the species Association (profit eLentis -Educational environment, website, disciplinary decisions) for information to be published. The information presented here may include the following information:

  1. Finnish Junior Championships, Adult series, Mestaruusliiga and national teams: For the players who play in these series, name, picture and the club information
  2. Other series: The information to be published for the players who play in these series is the name and the club
  3. Badge holders: The name, the date of issue or delivery of the badge, the requested club
  4. Referees: Name, Phone number, Hometown, e-mail address and referees’ class
  5. PowerCup Event:

Club Name
Club Liaison Officer
Name, email, phone number

Team Members:
Player date of birth
Shirt size
Food allergies
Playing pass type (base, family or weekend pass)

Where information is stored:
Torneopal in the system, at Torneopal (at Finland) on the server
How long it is stored:
The information is kept for 24months registration instantly. Applies to club liaison officers.
Except for player market data, which will be removed at 14days after the event.

4. What personal information about me is collected and from which sources?

We collect personal information about you from yourself in connection with the registration of your application, the purchase of a game passport and the registration of events, and the use of other services (e.g. In addition, data can be obtained from statistical data generated in match and game events.

Some of the information presented (to be published) is collected from the person in connection with the purchase of the game passport, and some of the information can be added to the Finnish Volleyball Association's website or Information to be published may also arise in disciplinary or other decision-making processes.

 We collect information about visitors to our website through the Google Analytics service.

5. What is the basis for processing of personal data?

We will ensure that we always have the legal basis for dealing with your personal data. 

The primary processing criterion is the contract (including its preparation and implementation). (GDPR 6 Art. 1. (b) The contractual basis applies to the extent that the personal data collected is required e.g. and the associated service. 

In the alternative, the basis of the treatment is the legitimate interest of the controller based on a factual relationship, which may be applied in the case of a processing action which cannot be concluded on the basis of a contractual relationship. (GDPR 6 Art. 1. (f) The legitimate interest of a controller based on a factual connection is, inter alia, the implementation and publication of a series of action-related match statistics and a performance service.

The third consideration is consent. (GDPR 6 Art. 1. A)

6. Who processes my information and whether it is transferred to third parties? Regular transfers of information

As a rule, your personal data is processed by the persons belonging to our staff in performing their duties. We may also outsource some of the processing of personal data, such as information systems used for storing and processing personal data. In this case, we will ensure, inter alia, by agreement that the confidentiality of your information is preserved and that the data is otherwise lawfully processed. We may also disclose the information otherwise to fulfill the contractual obligations, or if required by law or by the competent authority.

We may disclose information within the limits permitted and imposed by applicable legislation. We can inform the registers of important issues relating to the species. Information is disclosed to the insurance company if the registered person buys an insurance game pass. If the data subject takes the insurance, we have the right to disclose the information to the insurance company.

We can handle Lentopalloliiton A game passport required to participate in a participating player, coach or employee's personal data, erotuomaripassin (licence) for registration and management purposes and are recorded and processed in Finnish Volleyball Association services, such as the Suomisport.

7. Are my data transferred outside the EU?

Your personal data is not in principle shared outside the EU. Any supply of information outside the EU is limited to situations where the Lentopalloliiton Activities are carried out outside the EU and/or value games, national team events Organised outside the EU. If this is the case, we will ensure that the processing, transmission and storage of your data are carried out according to the criteria required by the data protection regulation and by adequate safeguards.

If Minor National Team Data will be transferred outside the EU/EEA, separately informed consent from parent/guardian with tool in place.

8. How long will my personal information be kept?

The Volleyball Federation is Keep your personal information longer than necessary for their use or as required by contract or law.

Data collected in the register shall only be kept for as long and to the extent necessary in relation to the original or compatible purposes for which the personal data were collected. In accordance with this privacy notice, personal data will be kept active if we utilize the information for the purposes described in sections 4 and 5. Data stored in registers may be kept for statistical and research purposes without personally identifiable information.

Playing and referees:

Data is stored in the Suomisport database five years (5v.) at first registration. The identity of the personal data will then be removed in such a way that the registration is no longer possible (anonymization, EU data protection). 

9. How do I keep and protect my information?

Your information is stored on our service providers ' servers, which are protected by industry-standard policies. The personal data we collect and debate are kept confidential and are not Disclosed Other than those who need it in their work or in a confidential and limited manner on the basis of service contracts to our subcontractors. 

Access to your personal information is protected by usernames, passwords and user rights. VolleyballUnion staff has signed a non-disclosure agreement and undertakes to process personal data securely in accordance with the requirements of the laws and privacy regulations.

10. Do you use cookies on the website and what are they?

We use cookies on our websites to provide the best possible user experience for the site visitor. Cookies are short text files that are stored by a Web server on a user's terminal device. Cookies provide us with information about how users use our website. We may use cookies to develop our services and our website, analyse your use of the website, and to target and optimise your marketing. 

When using our website, you will be able to share information on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, using social media plugins. If you use social media plugins to share information, your browser will communicate the following information:

  • Date and time of your stay
  • Internet/URL where you are currently
  • IP Address
  • Information from the browser you're using
  • Information about your system
  • User name If you are a registered user on that social media channel and, if necessary, your first and last name, and
  • Information about the content you want to share with the social media plugin.

For such information, we shall comply with the terms of the social media operator concerned. We encourage you to find out what kind of information and what information is collected plugins. You can block social media plug-ins from your browser settings.

11. Automatic decision making. What does auto-decision mean?

Decision-making is automatic in the case of decisions based solely on automatic processing of personal data and the decisions to be taken have legal effects or otherwise affect registration significantly.

We may apply automatic decision-making to you, for example, when the referee commissions are paid. Automatic decision-making is based on the knowledge gained by yourself.

13 What are the rights Registered on?

  • Withdrawal of consent
    If we process your information on the basis of your consent, you may at any time revoke your consent by notifying us, for example by sending an email to or by using the form on the Finnish Volleyball Association's website

  • Access to Data
    You have the right to receive confirmation from us as to whether we are dealing with personal information about you and knowing what personal information you are dealing with about you. In addition, you have the right to receive additional information about the reasons for processing your personal data.

  • Right to get the errors repaired
    You have the right to request that we correct you for inaccurate or outdated or otherwise incomplete personal information.

  • Right to prohibit direct marketing
    You may deny the processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes in your profile in the Suomisport.

  • Right to oppose treatment
    If we process your personal data on the grounds of public interest or our legitimate interests, you have the right to oppose the processing of personal data concerning you in so far as there is no significant reason for the processing to replace Your rights or processing is not necessary to deal with legal claims. Please note that in this situation we are unlikely to be able to serve you anymore. 

  • Right to limit treatment
    In certain circumstances, you have the right to require that we restrict the processing of your personal data.

  • Right to be transferred
    If we have processed your information based on your consent, or in order to fulfill the agreement, you are entitled to receive electronic data from us electronically in a form that is generally used to transfer the data to another service provider.

14. How can I accomplish my rights?

You may implement the rights described above by contacting us, for example by sending an email to or by conducting a poll on the website. At the same time, we ask you to mention your name, address and phone number, as well as to accompany your message with a copy of your passport, driver's license or other identity card, so that we can verify your identity. In this situation we have the right to charge you an office fee. If you look at your personal data processing is not lawful, you can also complain to the competent supervisory authority.

15. Can this privacy statement be updated?

We may make updates to this privacy statement when we change our actions or privacy policy. Updates can also come at the same time as legislation changes. The changes will take effect after we have published the updated privacy notice. We are asking you are therefore familiar with the contents of this privacy statement at regular intervals.