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Nick de Wild´in terveiset

Conclusions and advices after 15 years of experience with youth:
  • The players always enjoy to improve their own results; the 'Club of 100' and the following levels are very motivating towards this goal.
  • Start with the beginning by teaching the basic technics. If the basic technics are ok, then you can start very soon with the 'Club of 100'.
  • Divide the players in the court and make little areas. For example, Club 1-5, Club 6-10, Club 11-50 and so on. With this system you have a better view and you give your players a structure.
  • Start from 6-7 years. Proud mini (7 years) with cup of Cub of 100. Jessie (now 18 years) plays 1 e Division in The Netherlands.
  • Of course you correct the mistakes; keep giving advice through key words. Interview your players, how can you do better? How can you do easier? Let the players think by themselves.
  • When you give advice, focuss in these levels especially on the play attitude and the action itself.
  • Take first out the biggest mistakes and show how it has to be done correctly (visualisation, photo). You can also let your better players show the good example.
  • Ask your players if they have made progress, note the scores on the score lists and give an award for his/her motviation.
  • Experience tells: everybody can do the 'Club of 100' and can reach further, but: keep training.
  • There is a clear positive relationship between ball controll and the results during tournaments and games. Players who control the ball, don't let them easily be played out.
  • 'Club of 100' stimulates self confidence of the players: the ball is doing what the player want, not the other way around.
  • Motivate the players to train at home.Kim (then 12 years) with her cup. Kim has, just like Jessie, made all 6 levels. Kim is now 21 years and plays in SM liga in The Netherlands.
  • Make use of the certificate.
  • More then 200 clubs (Belgium and The Netherlands) have started these levels and with success.
  • Be creative in awarding the teams, some clubs make use of cups and it is very much appreciated in the mini volley.

Good luck!